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Team Trips

Purpose: gain appreciation for the work of the local Dominican church and community members serving in a low-resource, low-income community, work with local team on their priorities, immersion experience in Latino culture (relational, Spanish-speaking)

Focus: short term trip always embedded in a long-term community development partnership. 


Volunteer Attitudes: volunteers honor the strengths of the local team (instead of focusing on deficits); partnerships are guided by mutual trust and respect

Budgeting: each volunteer is responsible for their own flight and in-country costs. Approved trip costs are eligible for a charitable receipt.

Pre-trip Preparation: readings about relational cultures, learning about partnership programs (schools, churches, water project, health programs, sports outreach, etc.). The trip leader will work with the hosts to coordinate trip activities, plus will coordinate meetings and identify resources for preparation.

UPDATE: Trips have resumed! Check out our Summer 2022 Baseball Camp! 

Baseball 3.jpg

2022 Summer Baseball Trip

VBC partner trip 20202.jpg

 2020 Varsity Bible Church Visit 

Okotoks Team.JPG

2018 Okotoks Team Visit

Jim Enarson and Moreno at El Camino Chur

 2019 Varsity Bible Church Team Visit 

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