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What is the Partners In Deed vision?


We want to help link communities (e.g. schools, churches) across cultures in long-term caring partnerships. For example, several Calgary-based schools are partnering with the T.E.A.R.S. Schools in La Vega, Dominican Republic. Partners In Deed is able to provide the direction and control of funds directed to projects and also facilitate relationship-building activities.


Is my gift tax-deductible?


Partners In Deed Society of Alberta is a Canadian Registered Charity (#84945 0168 RR0001). Gifts towards Board-approved grants are tax-deductible. The Board of Partners In Deed approves all projects for funding according to the charter of our organization and guidelines approved by Revenue Canada.





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How does Partners In Deed decide which initiatives are going to be supported?


Our approach is to enter into discussions with a local community to determine their priorities and needs. Together we prepare a joint proposal that is submitted for approval to our Board and to our partners in Canada. Funds are then raised and sent to our agent in the Dominican Republic who is responsible for disbursements and reporting are completed according to the approved schedule.


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What motivates the work Partners In Deed does?


Partners In Deed is a Christian faith-based organization and we want to participate in God’s work in other areas of the world. We believe in working with the local church and community as a means of providing sustainable, holistic care.

Who are some of the Canadian partners involved in the work in the Dominican Republic?


Canadian partners include various schools, churches, corporations, community groups, universities and individuals.


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Who do I contact for more information about linking our church or group to a community in the Dominican Republic?


Please email us at for more information.

What initiatives has Partners In Deed supported in the past?


Some of the past initiatives have included financial support and Canadian teams being sent to the Dominican Republic to assist with the T.E.A.R.S. Schools, sports camps, children’s camps, water purification systems, construction of the Leadership Training Centre, El Camino church, health programs, a food bank in Maria Auxiliadora, teacher training scholarships, health surveys, lung health clinics, eye clinics, and Haitian Earthquake Relief.

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Present Projects


We are currently helping Calgary-area schools and churches to partner with communities in the Dominican Republic who desire to build long-term relationships with the T.E.A.R.S. Schools, community health programs and churches in the Maria Auxiliadora and Soto barrios in La Vega, Dominican Republic. These groups have repeatedly sent teams and raised funds for the various projects they are supporting there. For further information, please see the Projects tab for a complete list of Board-approved projects.

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