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El Camino Church is located in the Maria Auxiliadora barrio, La Vega, Dominican Republic. Although the church is small in size, the people attending El Camino have big hearts for their community. The church and TEARS school occupy the same building and together provide a caring community for children and adults.

El Camino (‘The Way’) is composed of individuals and families who live in the Maria Auxiliadora barrio. They have experienced the hardship of poverty, crime and abuse, but their lives are being changed by their faith. El Camino nurtures individuals through its worship services, care groups, children and youth programs, Bible studies and community outreach activities. Many members from El Camino are also involved with the TEARS School, as teachers or support staff.

El Camino is active in the community association and has been a great supporter of youth activities, providing leadership for the sports programs at the nearby baseball field, soccer pitch, and basketball court. Social programs such as the provision of purified water, food baskets, medical clinics and hospital care packages are important aspects of El Camino’s ministry.


Soto is a community located about 10 km from the El Camino Church and serves a large population of Haitian residents and immigrants. The church delivers many social and ministry programs for children, youth and families who live in economically disadvantaged

circumstances so they can successfully improve their family life and living conditions.  Community development and social services combined with the teachings of Christ are foundational to success in Soto.

Varsity Bible Church in Calgary, Alberta is committed to a long-term partnership with El Camino Church. This partnership has transformed the lives of those at both churches as they learn to care, support, learn from each other and understand how to be partners in faith, love for God and love for their neighbours.

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