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 Girls Soccer 

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 Sports Program 

Water Project

In 2006, Partners In Deed facilitated a collaboration between Varsity Bible Church (Calgary, AB), Bonavista Baptist Church (Calgary, AB) and the El Camino Church (DR), Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation (USA), and the Dominican organization Aguas de Unidad to bring a source of clean water to Maria Auxiliadora. 

Water purification equipment was installed and a kiosk, The El Camino Water Centre, was set up at El Camino Church in Maria Auxiliadora, offering clean drinking water more affordably than that offered by nearby stores. 

Since then, the Water Centre has increased its capacity and in 2019, sold 480,000 gallons (40,000 monthly) of water! The Water Centre also provides clean drinking water to the T.E.A.R.S. Schools, benefiting over 600 students. It has also added a delivery system for those community members who need it. 

At this point the Water Centre is entirely self-sustaining as water sales are sufficient to cover operating, maintenance and equipment replacement costs as the need arises. It has been a source of incalculable benefits for the community and surrounding area, providing a central necessity and a healthy future.

Community Development

In Maria Auxiliadora, El Camino and Soto churches, T.E.A.R.S. Schools and T.E.A.R.S. Ministries, and the Leadership & Training Centre have partnered with various groups and churches to offer community programs. Some of the key programs include:

  • Sports programs: These include soccer and other sports programs for teens, where team leaders act as important role models for the youth participating in the programs.

  • Youth Mentorship and Post-Secondary Education grant programs: Teachers and leaders from the T.E.A.R.S. School and El Camino Church have started youth mentorship programs. A youth post-secondary education grant has also been established to enable youth to further their education.

  • Food Bank: El Camino church and Soto church have social programs providing food and supplies to those in need in the Maria Auxiliadora and Soto barrios.

  • Soto Tutoring Program: Contributes to the development of children and adolescents by promoting their wellbeing, through a participatory learning process, guiding families in social restoration. The Soto Development Centre cares for children through meals, formal education, and assistance in physical and mental health.


 Water Centre 


 Water Delivery 

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