Water Purification Projects

Maria Auxiliadora

Beginnings: The water purification plant project began over 10 years ago with a collaboration between Varsity Bible Church (Calgary, Alberta), El Camino Church (DR), Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation (USA), and the Dominican organization Aguas de Unidad. Water purification equipment was installed and a kiosk, The El Camino Water Centre, was set up at El Camino Church in Maria Auxiliadora, offering pure drinking water more affordably than that offered by nearby stores. It has been a source of incalculable benefits for the community and surrounding area, providing a central necessity and a healthy future.

The Impact: Both the Maria Auxiliadora and Soto barrios are faced with a high risk of disease due to unsanitary conditions and many also suffer from malnutrition and thirst, drinking far less water than their bodies need to function well. For this reason, the El Camino Water Centre has been an invaluable source of aid to those living in the Maria Auxiliadora, Soto, and numerous surrounding barrios, and the water is making a radical difference in the health of the community members. Currently, the system is selling about 5,000 5-gallon jugs monthly at half the retail price of local retail outlets, thus benefiting less advantaged people who could not afford to pay full retail. The water purification distribution also creates a connection with the local church, which provides holistic care for the needs of these communities.

System Expansion

The Initiative: The community of Maria Auxiliadora depends on shallow wells for their water supply, which are often contaminated by nearby latrines. The plans to expand the El Camino Water Project involved producing potable water from a deeper well located away from contaminated ground water and improving the reliability of the electrical system. 


The Investment: US$45,000, of which US$30,000 has been raised by local Canadian donors. The system is now self-sustaining as water sales are sufficient to cover operating, maintenance and equipment replacement costs as the need arises.


Impact: Currently, the water purification system and storage facility helps reduce sickness caused by drinking and cooking with water drawn from the previously used shallow ground-water wells, often contaminated by nearby outdoor latrines.

Continued Support

Contact for Additional Information:

In the USA, please contact Mr. Rod Davis, the Project Manager, through the T.E.A.R.S. website (www.tears.org) or by email (rodrigo@tears.org).

Rod resides in the Dominican Republic and can also be reached at (809) 449-3081. 

In Canada, please contact Don Dufault via email (dufaultpid@shaw.ca) or call (403) 288-9661.


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