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Battalion Park School link with T.E.A.R.S. School in the Maria Auxiliadora Barrio!


    Battalion Park School, in SW Calgary, Alberta, has in its mission statement, “educating to make a difference in our world.” Evidence of their commitment to this goal was their fundraiser that raised $12,000 to be used towards the T.E.A.R.S. School general budget. The fundraiser featured beautiful crafts and artwork made by the Battalion Park students, and pictures of students from the T.E.A.R.S. School were prominently displayed, demonstrating the flourishing partnership between these two schools. Although they may be geographically distant, their connection is strong and clearly demonstrates the principle of mutual transformation.

Hatian Earthquake Refugee Relief

    After the earthquake in 2010, our partner churches, El Camino Church and Soto Church, provided temporary shelter and basic assistance to Haitian earthquake refugees who made their way to join family currently residing in the Dominican Republic, many of whom are members of the Soto church. The initial budget was for essentials such as bedding, kitchen utensils, a small freezer, security fencing, and a small electrical inverter system. Water was provided by the El Camino Church Water Purification system that we assisted in setting up a few years ago. The Soto Church dormitory can accommodate up to 60 refugees at one time.

Past Teams of Volunteers

    Partners in Deed has been sending volunteers to the Dominican Republic since 2003. During this time, close working relationships have developed between the local Dominican and Hatian churches and schools and the North American volunteers, resulting in a mutually transforming experience for both parties. 


Teams  have partnered with the El Camino Church and TEARS School in the Maria Auxiliadora barrio for these and other projects:

  • Day camp for preschool children from Maria Auxiliadora and Soto

  • 3-Day camps for T.E.A.R.S. school children

  • Teens' Camp

  • Ongoing construction of a Leadership Training Center

  • Relationship building with families and youth in Maria Auxiliadora

Team meetings usually take place on a monthly basis starting a number of months before to study and learn about different aspects of cross-cultural dynamics, and plan activities that will further deepen their relationships with the local communities. These meetings are essential to the effectiveness of the team once in the Dominican Republic. They ensure that health and special travel needs are met and partner's expectations are adequately prepared for by the team leaders.

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